How to Select the Right gTLD for Your Website?

Under ICANN’s new strategy for Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs), there are now more than 1200 gTLDs worldwide. Although most of these are brand TLDs not available to the general public, the extensive array of new gTLDs poses a frequent question for both users and domain investors: Which gTLDs are appropriate for us? Our top rankings of gTLDs are designed to address this question.

So, how to select the right gTLD for your website?

Popular Choices

Despite the influx of new gTLDs, the .com domain continues to hold its unrivaled position. According to our statistics, .com domains have surpassed 156,539,833 registrations, solidly leading our Top 10 gTLDs by Active Registrations and consistently topping the daily registrations in our Top 10 gTLDs by Newly Registered Domains.

Additionally, other longstanding gTLDs such as .net, .org, and .info also remain favorites, continually securing spots in the Top 10 gTLDs.

Emerging Favorites

Our “Top 10 New gTLDs by Newly Registered Domains” list highlights the gTLDs with the highest number of new registrations, showcasing which domains are currently favored.

The .xyz domain, with a daily registration count exceeding 8,000, consistently holds a position in the top five of our “Top 10 gTLDs by Newly Registered Domains.” It leads the chart with 3,385,439 active registrations, ranking first in the “Top 10 New gTLDs by Active Registrations.”

Similarly, the .shop domain, with daily registrations also exceeding 8,000, has amassed 2,777,323 total registrations. This surge is primarily fueled by the expanding e-commerce industry, making it an attractive option for small businesses aiming to enhance their online presence.

Localized Options

In our Top 10 geo gTLDs by Active Registrations, domains like .tokyo (180,886 active registrations), .nyc (60,015 active registrations), and .berlin (45,530 active registrations) have achieved significant uptake. These geo-specific domains are particularly suited for local markets, as many local businesses opt for local gTLDs to make it easier for customers to remember them.

The daily updates top rankings for nearly all gTLDs could be checked through Top-gTLDs. Understanding the top rankings in gTLD registrations not only provides insights into current trends but also guides potential registrants towards making informed choices that align with their personal or business objectives.