ABTdomain.com provides 184 gTLDs’ newly expired domains reports. The reports shows daily expired/deactivated domains for gTLds list below, all the domains in the reports might be deleted in a few weeks or reactivated by their owners.

Most popular gTLDs:

Com   Net   Org   Info   top   Xyz   Online   

GTLDs starts with A:

Academy   Adult   App   Art   Asia   Audio   Auto

GTLDs starts with B:

Baby   Band   Bank   Bar   Bayern   Beauty   Beer   Berlin   Best   Bet
Bingo   Bio   Biz   Blue   Boston   Business   Buzz

GTLDs starts with C:

Cam   Camera   Capital   Cards   Care   Career   Careers   Cash   Casino   Ceo
Chat   Cheap   City   Clothing   Cloud   Club   Coffee   Cologne   Company   Country
Coupons   Credit   Creditcard

GTLDs starts with D:

Date   Dating   Degree   Digital   Direct   Discount   Domains

GTLDs starts with E:

Education   Email   Energy   Express

GTLDs starts with F:

Film   Finance   Financial   Fit   Fitness   Fun

GTLDs starts with G:

Game   Games   Gay   Global   Gmbh   Guide   Guru

GTLDs starts with H:

Hamburg   Health   Healthcare   Holiday   Host   Hosting   How

GTLDs starts with I:

Immo   Immobilien   Inc   Info   Istanbul

GTLDs starts with J:

Jewelry   Jobs

GTLDs starts with K:

Kids   Koeln

GTLDs starts with L:

Land   Law   Lawyer   Life   Limited   Limo   Live   Llc   Loan   Loans
Lol   London   Love   Ltd   Luxury

GTLDs starts with M:

Market   Media   Miami   Mobi   Money   Mortgage   Movie

GTLDs starts with N:

Net   Network   New   News   Nrw

GTLDs starts with O:

One   Online   Ooo   Org

GTLDs starts with P:

Paris   Party   Pet   Pharmacy   Photo   Photography   Photos   Pics   Pizza   Place
Plus   Poker   Porn   Press   Pro   Promo   Property   Pub

GTLDs starts with R:

Radio   Realestate   Red   Report   Rio   Run

GTLDs starts with S:

Salon   School   Sex   Sexy   Shop   Shopping   Show   Site   Social   Solar
Space   Store   Stream   Studio   Supplies   Support

GTLDs starts with T:

Tax   Taxi   Tech   Tel   Tickets   Today   Tools   Top   Toys   Travel

GTLDs starts with U:


GTLDs starts with V:

Vacations   Vip   Voyage

GTLDs starts with W:

Watch   Webcam   Website   Wiki   Win   Work   Works   World

GTLDs starts with X:

Xxx   Xyz

GTLDs starts with Z: