392 gTLDs’ Domain Report on 2024-04-03

On 2024-04-03, ABTdomain provided a domain report covering 392 generic top-level domains(gTLDs), including newly registered domains for popular gTLDs such as .com, .net, .info, .xyz, and .org. Among these gTLDs there are 217,362,534 active domains, the number of newly registered domains in these is: 199,421.

Top 10 gTLDs by Active Domains

The “Top 10 gTLDs by Active Domains” refers to a list of the 10 gTLDs that have the highest number of active registrations among the monitored 392 gTLDs.
1: .com, 157,277,031 active domains
2: .net, 12,847,530 active domains
3: .org, 10,823,805 active domains
4: .info, …